Unscripted & Uncorked

Come enjoy an evening of food, drink, and a completely unrehearsed cold reading of a play!

Why: Richard and Angela, owners of Victoria Station, are theatre nerds. We know there are other theatre nerds out there - and some who just may be on the verge of nerd-dom. So, we're setting up an experimental event to pique the interest of those who enjoy theatre, food, drink, and fun.

What is Unscripted? This is a cold read. We will choose a play script to read as a group. We won't tell you what we're going to read - that's all part of the fun! It could be a comedy or a drama, a thriller or a love story, deep and insightful or campy and trivial. It could be rated anywhere from G to R (so this is not intended for children). The simple truth is that we won't really know what's in the script ourselves other than what's provided by the catalog description when we purchase the scripts! On the night of the event, we'll ask those willing among us (you too, if you'd like!) to divvy up the scripts, pick a role, and read aloud. We'll even read the stage directions out loud. Nobody knows what's going to happen (unless they happen to have read or seen the play performed in the past). That's why it's fun! No rehearsals, no preparations. Cold. We'll be reading a script, but the evening will be Unscripted!

What is Uncorked? Theatre is way more fun with food and drink! Victoria Station will provide a heavy hors d'oeuvres grazing spread as part of the admission price, and will have a cash bar in operation, with special pricing on wines by the bottle for the evening.

How? Reservations are required for this event, with a pre-purchased ticket. The ticket price covers the cost of the scripts, the performance rights we must pay, and the food for the evening. You're getting dinner and a show - or a variation thereof! Tickets are $25 per person. Except in the event that we must cancel or postpone the event, ticket prices are non-refundable. Tickets are available at the link below.

Who? This event is open to the public, with a pre-purchased ticket for each person in attendance. This is an age 18+ event only - sorry, no children.

Warning: As noted previously, the exact content of the script is unknown until we begin reading it. There may be uncomfortable situations, strong language, or objectionable content. The same may happen if you go see a play or a movie, but we want you to be aware that this is a possibility. We'll avoid scripts that we know for certain may be objectionable to many - but we are not doing a complete screening.

When? June 5, doors open at 5:00 for a social hour, and we plan to begin reading at 6:00. It can take 2 - 3 hours to complete a script. This is an evening-long event!

We hope you'll find Unscripted & Uncorked to be a fantastically fun time, and that we'll be able to make this just the first of many such events!

NOTE: When you click the link below, you'll be taken to our online ordering system. To find the event tickets, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. It is the last item on the menu. TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED BY FRIDAY JUNE 3, 2022.

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